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Welcome to the UKGT

On this site you will find information for the schools, instructors and students participating in one of the UK's leading Taekwon-Do organisations. The UKGT is dedicated to supporting students of all ages, helping them achieve their full potential, and preparing them for major competitions and events.

About the UKGT

United Kingdom Global Taekwon-Do (UKGT) is one of the leading ITF Taekwon-Do organisations based in the UK. It has gone from strength to strength since it was founded in 1993 and prides itself in maintaining a high standard for the art of Taekwon-Do. All students are licenced and insured and all UKGT Instructors undergo training approved by the UITF, which includes, teaching techniques, child safety, first aid and an enhanced CRB check.


** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **This Korean martial art is characterised by its fast, explosive movements and beautiful and dangerous kicks.

Although relatively modern it is essentially an art coming from a very ancient tradition, it is as rooted into the human element . To find out more click here

Benefits of Taekwon-Do with the UKGT

Taekwon-Do strengthens your body and improves your health through physical exercise and conditioning. Isometric and dynamic tension exercises will allow you to gain better muscle tone and more strength. A gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques will enhance flexibility, while breathing and concentration exercises lead to sharper reflexes and senses.

The discipline of Taekwon-Do leads to increased energy, better health and fitness, greater coordination, and higher self-esteem. These qualities are vital for a happier, longer life.

Taekwon-Do for Kids

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **The UKGT is a family orientated organisation and Taekwon-Do is a great learning activity for children. Lessons are tailored to your child's age and skill level. Your child begins by practicing basic patterns and forms, kicking, blocking, striking, and hand techniques. These fundamental skills increase your child's physical coordination, flexibility, balance, and mental acumen. Taekwon-Do develops your child's athletic abilities and self-awareness, and improves their capabilities in self-defence.

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