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Welcome to the UKGT

On this site you will find information for the schools, instructors and students participating in one of the UK's leading Taekwon-Do organisations. The UKGT is dedicated to supporting students of all ages, helping them achieve their full potential, and preparing them for major competitions and events.

Black Belts

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The links above will take you to the individual page of the black belt degree that you require.

Meaning of the Degree Belts (source ITF By-Laws 2009)

There are 9 levels of black belt known as "degrees" The scale and responsibilities are outlined below.

first dan belt 1st Degree: Assistant Instructor

Gap:18 Months

second dan belt 2nd Degree: Assistant Instructor

Can be trained and classified as a Class B Umpire (if over 18) at national level competitions

Gap: 2 Years

third dan belt 3rd Degree: Assistant Instructor

Eligible to attend an IIC (International Instructors Course) and grade for 4th degree at the same time if they have completed the required number of years at 3rd degree

Gap: 3 Years

fourth dan belt 4th Degree: International Instructor

(International Instructor following completion of the ITF IIC if over 22)
Can wear the black stripe on dobok trousers and suit sleeves
Can grade students up to 2nd Degree (if a qualified examiner)
Can be trained and classified as a Class A Umpire (if over 25)
and can officiate at international level competitions

Gap: 4 Years

fifth dan belt 5th Degree:

As Above

Gap: 5 Years

sixth dan belt 6th Degree:

As Above
Can grade students up to 3rd Degree

Gap: 6 Years

Promotion to Master

The ITF Promotion and Commendation Committee control promotions to these levels. Applications will be studied and confirmed on the basis of morality, social service, contribution, dedication, achievement,Taekwon-Do activities including the participation in the World Taekwon-Do Championships and courses, students Dan applications and Taekwon-Do research of that particular person.
Promotion to 7th Degree is the last level where a promotion test occurs and this is carried out by a Senior Master/Grand Master

seventh dan belt 7th Degree: Master

As Above

Gap: 7 Years

eigth dan belt 8th Degree: Senior Master

Can conduct an IIC (International Instructors Course)

ninth dan belt 9th Degree: Grand Master

As Above